In the Winter Dark



"... deliciously melancholy"

                                     "Bloody weird... I love it!"  

                                                                         "... incomparably expressive and brave"

"Beck Siàn is the Mistress of kooky, atmospheric alternative/folk music and once again she takes us on a journey with her soundscapes - this time through the scenes of a haunted winter."


We proudly present the new theatrical concept album from

Ghost-Folk artist Beck Siàn...


'In the Winter Dark' 

Featuring 12 ghostly, gothic-folk songs in celebration of the cold and icy months of the year, this is Beck Siàn's most atmospheric work yet. A collection of icy ghost stories - old and new - and a celebration of the frosty, snowy landscapes of Winter. A little bit gothic, a little bit folky, a little bit weird - but you would expect that from Beck by now!

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Ye Olde Silent Inn

The eagerly awaited third full-length album by Beck Siàn. Featuring 14 songs set up on the wild, howling moors, and within an old haunted inn. Atmospheric, moody ghost stories. Featuring guest contributors/musicians John Carder Bush, Raven Bush, Whalebone, Chris Gill and Stephen Palmer.



Track list:
1. Wycoller Hall, 2. The Black Silk Handkerchief, 3. The Moon on the 13th, 4. Ye Olde Silent Inn, 5. Down in Yon Forest, 6. The Dark Stairs, 7. The Moors, 8. Lady of the Wind, 9. Molly Malone, 10. The Old Clock on the Stairs, 11. Her Soul to a Highwayman, 12. Top Withens, 13. Tales of a Wayside Inn, 14. The Mirror in the Deserted Hall

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Luminous Wings & Unseen Things



Step out of the Haunted Forests of 'Unfurling' and into the Haunted Gardens of Beck Siàn's new CD 'Luminous Wings & Unseen Things'. 16 songs (including two bonus tracks).

Track List: 1. Lavender's Blue 2. In the Greenery 3. The Garden Seat 4. I Just Am 5. Siúil a Rúin 6. Down by the Salley Gardens 7. In a Secret Garden 8. Bushes & Briars 9. Old Mr. Crow 10. Tall, Waving Delphiniums in Storm-light 11. Thornfield 12. The Topiary Garden 13. She Moved Through the Faire 14. Weep Ye No More, Sad Fountains BONUS TRACKS 15. Moss (Live) 16. Thornfield (Acoustic).

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'Unfurling' is Beck's debut album - 16 songs set within the light and shade of a Haunted Forest, featuring Celtic harp by Beck, didgeridoo by Stax: The Didgeman, keys by Paul Strahan, fiddle by Pieter Hart, bullroarer by Beck's dad, David.

Track list: 1. Dungarvan 2. Unfurling 3. Moss 4. Tangled In Green 5. Shadow of a Dream 6. Greensleeves 7. Messages In Dreams 8. Under Thunderous Skies 9. The Blacksmith 10. Sherbrooke Forest 11. The Night Will Never Stay 12. The Foggy Dew 13. Mountain Ash *Bonus Tracks 14. Strahany's 'Black' Mix 15. Ethereal 16. Dream Beneath Trees.

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'By These Words, We Are Haunted... Vol. I.'



An intimate, emotive performance of ten, haunting works of spectral restlessness by famous poets, including Charlotte Brontë, Thomas Hardy, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Henry Lawson and more...


Beck says, “This release is a little different to any of our past ones as it collates and performs some of Beck’s favourite, spooky poems; creating a hauntingly atmospheric vibe through both spoken word and song performances.


‘By These Words, We Are Haunted...’ - Vol. 1, features both of us performing ten ghostly pieces of poetry and prose in differing styles. Jonathan created wonderfully atmospheric soundscapes on keyboards for each piece. We then had a marvellous time stalking around the house, creating and recording ghostly sound effects!


We are really thrilled with the end result, and it’s been so much fun to make. In fact, we’ve enjoyed this process so much, that we’ve decided to do it again! Please stay tuned for further volumes in the future!


This is a performance to be listened to by the fireside, or to be relished by candlelight, with your curtains tightly drawn against ghoulies and ghosties and long-legged beasties, and things that go bump in the night.”



Performed by Beck Siàn & Jonathan Kershaw; musical soundscapes by Jonathan Kershaw; editing, mixing and mastering by Jonathan Kershaw



Track list:


1. Shadwell Stair (Wilfrid Owen, 1893-1918)

2. The Shadow On the Stone (Thomas Hardy, 1840-1928)

3. Home (Rupert Brooke, 1887-1915)

4. Shadow March (Robert Louis Stevenson, 1850-1894)

5. The Call (Charlotte Mew, 1869-1928)

6. Haunted Houses (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1807-1882)

7. Late At Even (from 'Mementos' by Charlotte Brontë, 1816-1855)

8. The Voice (Thomas Hardy, 1840-1928)

9. The Water Lily (Henry Lawson, 1867-1922)

10. The Way Through the Woods (Rudyard Kipling, 1865-1936)



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