1. The Frost

From the recording The Frost


The Frost
Sometimes I feel I’m frozen to stone
That instead of a heart there’s just a ball of snow
Hurt leaves such scars, tears glisten like stars,
Glisten like stars
Thanks for inviting me to your Christmas meal
I’ll try to smile and hide the loneliness that I feel
Excuse me for this old melancholy
I’ll try to be sparkly
The echoing hurts amplified by the ice
The mortification resounding
Bouncing back from the hard-packed snow
And the ringing shame
Resounds through the valleys and the veins
Where my blood used to flow
I will try sometime to love again
But for now, there’s just emptiness,
And melting snow.
Words, music, keyboards, vocals by Beck Siàn
Recorded by Beck Siàn and Jonathan Kershaw