Soft Snowfall On A Dark, Winter Morn
Frost sparkles on leaves and stems
The dark morning seems so unnaturally silent.
It’s easy to look out on the ice-bound blackness
And imagine that something
Magical and unseen is slipping by...
You know that feeling...
You’re on your own in an empty room
Invisible fingers caress your skin
In reverie, you watch the softly falling snow
As your name is whispered by unseen lips
Reminding you
That you are never really alone,
Undesired, rejected, forlorn by the window
For it is always there waiting
Your Winter Ghost
I close my eyes
Imagine your warm breath
Between my thighs
On these cold, bitter nights
Place my face against your heart
As the world is freezing outside
This morning I am grateful to be alive
Though getting older scares me
As my skin frowns like a scarred, tired tree
But you’re still here: steadfast to me,
My Winter Ghost
Words, music, keyboards, vocals by Beck Siàn
Recorded by Beck Siàn and Jonathan Kershaw