Haunting, Enchanted, Ethereal Ghost-Folk

Beck Siàn was born on the 4th of January (we'll be polite and avoid mentioning the year) in Melbourne, Australia. Her mother is Welsh, and her father was born in England, but is from an Irish family. With Welsh and Irish blood, it seems only natural that Beck was going to be drawn to all things Celtic – everything from the Celtic artwork and mythology, Druidic reverence for nature and trees, tales of banshees, wraiths and faeries, to the musical instruments and haunting singing-styles.

Beck Siàn’s original music is often influenced by the natural environment and folklore surrounding her, as well as the darker side of things - tales of ghosts and the supernatural are a common lyrical theme.

Beck Siàn arrived in the UK in mid 2006 for her first British tour, and has now (finally) returned home to the forest-covered mountains of the Dandenong Ranges in Victoria, Australia in late 2016.

Related to English singer Kate Bush, it was her influence and artistic inspiration (as well as having a talented artist for a father) that sparked Beck's own desire to dance, sing and create.

Beck Siàn was the winner of the Ranges Folk Festival Songwriting Award 2004, for her song ‘Under Thunderous Skies’, featured on her ‘Unfurling’ album. 'Unfurling' is Beck's debut album (released in 2005), featuring didgeridoo, harp, Australian birdsong and enchanting, ghostly themes, all set within a haunted forest.

Beck felt very honoured to be asked to sing on two albums by unique Australian prog band 'The Merlin Bird' - a magical experience!

Beck's second album, 'Luminous Wings & Unseen Things', was released in 2009. It is an atmospheric and haunting collection of 'garden songs' - music and lyrics set within topiary gardens, secret gardens and castle gardens. Influenced by Beck Siàn's love of 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Brontë and 'The Secret Garden' by Frances Hodgson Burnett. Featuring original songs and Beck's interpretations of traditional ballads that fit the ghostly garden theme.

Beck's third full-length CD was released in 2012. 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' is set up on the West Yorkshire moors and Brontë Country. Filled with tales of ghostly highwaymen, vampires, elemental spirits and haunted wayside inns, this is a ghostly and moody collection. A little bit spooky, a little bit unsettling, a little bit Gothic and very beautiful.

2013 saw Beck collaborating on several projects ('Stations of the Sun' by MOOCH features Beck's singing, and she also guested as vocalist for Prog-Rock band LEGEND (their new CD 'Spirit' was released on the 31st of October to critical acclaim).

November 2014 heralded the release of Beck's fourth album, 'In the Winter Dark'... a haunting, frosty collection of songs of Winter landscapes and supernatural tales set in snow and ice. Reviews are favourably calling 'In the Winter Dark' Beck's best album yet! 2014 was also the year that saw Beck traveling across Europe in a van with acclaimed guitarist Jonathan Kershaw, to perform at the largest Gothic festival on the planet: the Wave Gotik Treffen.

2015 saw the release of a unique collaborative project with Jonathan Kershaw called 'By These Words, We Are Haunted, Vol. 1.' This album is available via download only, and is a gorgeously spooky, emotive and atmospheric collection of Victorian and Edwardian ghost poems set to original music. A strange and chilling mixture of spoken word and song. Perfect for candelit listening by the winter fireside, in the age-old ghostly story-telling tradition.

So what's next? 2017 will be an exciting year for Beck Sian fans... it will be very interesting to see how Beck's return to Australia will affect her next writings and recordings!


"Some singers have only to utter a note and instantly, you're transfixed. They've reached out, touched your soul. Beck Siàn has that rare quality. In Beck, you sense she's on a journey and, for a short while at least, you're a traveling companion. She draws inspiration from the subtropical rainforests of her native Australia, creating what she fittingly calls 'Haunted Forest Music', through voice, guitar, whistle and didgeridoo. It's mystical, magical music, spiritual and enchanting. There are touches redolent of Kate Bush, to whom Beck is related, but these are mere brush-strokes of influence. Overall, it's as distinctive as it's original. With a soprano voice to die for, her approach is highly individual, the ambiance emotional and utterly entrancing. She's charismatic, convivial and funny on stage - in short, a real show-stopper! Her outstanding debut album is called 'Unfurling'. And artistically, that is precisely what Beck is doing. Unmissable." (Julian Badcock - Wheaton Aston Folk Festival 2007)

“Really great. She’s got an amazing voice…” Reg Presley (The Troggs)

“Bucketloads of charisma and a fabulous, enchanting delivery…” Steve Harley (Cockney Rebel)

“She is fabulous!” Genevieve Tudor (‘Sunday Folk’ BBC Radio Shropshire)

“A multi-layered unique artiste with a vocal gift to carry her anywhere.” Judith Durham (The Seekers)

“Beck Siàn conjured up a magical evening of great good humour, enchanting music, disarming honesty – and just a spoonful of craziness! Her exuberance and love of life is infectious.” Phil Gillam

“It is one thing to be admired by the Folk Establishment and a whole other matter to be taken into the hearts of the audiences, which Beck Siàn is. Everything about Beck tells you she is a star.” Bob Lines (St. Valentine’s Charity Folk Festival 2007)

“Her presentation is impeccable: between her songs she tells her story in her soft Australian accent, on equal terms with her audience. It’s like listening to a new friend. Her beautiful voice delivers her beautiful words wrapped in velvet: she captivates.” Tony Charnock (Topic Folk Club 2006)

“Her vocal range and haunting delivery raises the hairs on the back of your neck.” David Parker (The Beat International)