An Old House 

"An old house


Squats brooding

Amongst weeds and moss.

A gaunt face with huge eyes

Stares from an upper window;

From a room that no longer has

A floor, or a roof."

Beck Sian

A Mirror in a Deserted Hall 

"A flicker in the mirror

Over the shoulder

A displaced sigh

Shuffling by.

A glimmer of face

Gliding by, out of place."

Beck Sian


These words were the beginning of my song 'The Mirror in the Deserted Hall', as featured on my 'Ye Olde Silent Inn' CD. Music by Chris Gill.

Hidden in a Garden... 

"The shadows grow longer...

Hidden in the garden; hushed from wind,

Your name is coldly exhaled.

Old oaks groan and bend their heads together;

Whispering secrets.

A fish surfaces in the dark pond,

Blowing bubbles between the lilies.

Is someone listening out there, in the darkness?"

Beck Sian.

Words on this thundery night 

"A supernatural bride in white

Glides mist-like past the murky moat.

The wringing of hands & hopes lost:

A trail of madness, of sadness"

Beck Sian

More March musing... 

"The birch grasps her hair

  With spindly fingers.

  The leaves

  are laughing.

  Ghostly bark against ghostly flesh".

  Beck Sian

New videos on YouTube 

I have been having a great time creating atmospheric photo slideshow videos for some of my songs. I wanted to share some of the ideas, themes and influences behind the songs. Please do let me know what you think, Thanks for listening, and watching, Beck xx

You can see the new clips here on YouTube:

Lady of the Wind:


Shadow of a Dream:


Wycoller Hall:

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A March Musing... 

"Submerged hip-height

In murky, sensual depths

Her hair swept the surface

Eyes gazing wistfully,


Taut nipples...


Beck Sian.

...and suddenly... 

"...and suddenly,

exposed by stars,

your finger tips

upon my scars."

Beck Sian

February winds 

"February winds howl outside, while the sea calls to me, hurling broken starfish before her." Beck Siàn

Some slinky thoughts 

"Her innermost secrets, glistening darkly as clouds part & folds part, between pale birch-like limbs: veins luminous under moon." Beck Sian