February Sunshine


Outside the sun is shining and the sky is bright and pale blue. I’ve opened the window and a fresh, almost Spring-like scent is curling and dancing into the room. I spotted snowdrops bobbing in the breeze on my walk…

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January Snows

I'm huddled by the radiator, gazing in a daydream at the snowy garden outside. Puffs of smoke ghosting out of red chimneys. Blackbirds scratching in pots covered in icy mulch. The sky endless dirty white.

With pen in hand I…

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Working with Beck Siàn

Twice now I have had the good fortune to work with Chris Gill on my CDs ('Luminous Wings & Unseen Things' and 'Ye Olde Silent Inn'). I feel absolutely honoured to have been able to sing with Chris's fabulous music.

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The Moon on the 13th

There's a song on my new CD called 'The Moon on the 13th', with music by Steve Palmer and words/singing by myself. It's very atmospheric... I'm making my way to The Old Silent Inn by moonlight, on foot. It's a…


The Lyrics - Ye Olde Silent Inn - Part 1

Wycoller Hall

Lyrics, music, guitar and vocals by Beck Siàn


Grey... hollow casements

Dark birds fly through

Wet... shattered walls

Of moss and mildew.


Sad... cold sky

And lonely, old stone

Damp... chilled air;

Dreams that have flown.


Silent are…

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The Lyrics - Ye Olde Silent Inn - Part 2

The Old Clock on the Stairs

Based on a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Arranged/altered/adapted by Beck Siàn.

Acoustic guitar and vocals by Beck Siàn.

Special guest musicians 'Whalebone' (Guitar by Char Watson, guitar by Steve Downs and fiddle by

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